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The Question That Will Get You Thinking

There is one question on Bill Genereux blog that had really gotten me to think about my life. It is, the quality of my life is determined by the quality of my              ? If you think that you could answer this question let me know what it is. I would love to know. What I would put in the blank is actions. The reason why I chose this was because how you act can affect your life in everyway possible. Your always have to watch your actions. So make sure you watch your actions and your life will great!

~ by cameron on January 9, 2009 .

2 Responses to “The Question That Will Get You Thinking”

  1.   inpi Says:

    Hi Cameron! In answer to Bill’s question, I’ll choose “…relationships” – because I believe, on one hand, the way we are able to relate freely to other people means a great deal on our “quality of life” and, on the other hand, that capacity to get involved and engage in authentic human relationships is, in itself, already a gift from our parents, from the way some special people have related to us through our childhood.
    See you soon!
    s. Ines

  2.   Daniel Says:

    I think I would say kindness because if you aren’t kind, then some people may not be kind to you.

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