Edublogs First Birthday

I am doing a post to support edublogs on their FIRST birthday!! Congradulations=] It is all about my favortie widget that I use on my blog. This would most definatly be……my iPod. This is were you get to listen to all the things that I listen to. So not only do you get to see how I write but also how I speek. In a sense you do. Listening to my music defenatly tells you more about my personality. It is all the things that I can’t express with words.

So go and celebrate with edublogs ther first birthday!! The Edublogger’s Birthday Celebration Competition “my favorite widget”.

5 thoughts on “Edublogs First Birthday

  1. Thanks Cameron for entering The Edublogger’s Birthday Celebration Competition! I notice that music is very popular with most students. Do you find using Mixpod easy?

  2. Hi, Cameron. I’m Joana. I like your Ipod.
    I love listen “I’m yours” of Jason Mraz.
    Can you visit my blog? Go to and please comment my post. Thank you. By.

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